The artificial fresh water lake in the royal land of Rajasthan is famous for the Lake Pichola boat ride. A boat ride at the lake is a fun activity. If someone is visiting the city of Udaipur a boat ride at the lake is a must. One cannot just afford to miss it. The
Lake Pichola boat ride is a safe activity, where the visitors ride on a boat and get to sail on the historic lake and get home life long memories of the mesmerising views of the crystal clear water.
It is in itself an amazing thing to build an artificial lake in the land of Rajasthan where rains are reported to be scanty. Rajasthan is the home to the largest desert the Thar. Under such environmental conditions building a lake artificially through rain water and dams, is an achievement. People who have already visited the beautiful heaven and have experienced a Lake Pichola boat ride report it to be a special feeling. Sailing in the royal lake surrounded with beautiful palaces of historical importance one is sure to get an overwhelming experience. The Rameshwar Ghat in the City Palace Garden provide Lake Pichola boat ride at an affordable price. The prices are different for adults and children. However the various kinds of boats available also determine the prices. Since Lake Pichola boat ride is a world renowned boat ride the facilities are simply great. A general view of the boat will be a wooden boat with 10-12 rows of seating arrangements with a canopy to shield from sun.

Lake Pichola Boat Ride
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There are other varieties of boats available and as per one’s requirement one can choose the facilities. The boats row frequently at regular intervals and hence the wait time is much less.The boat ride takes an entire round of the lake and includes all the important palaces. It is exciting to watch the lake side from the lake because we generally do the other way round. Boat cruises are also available. It is by far the best way to end your day in the city of Udaipur.