Every good thing comes with a time limit. Lake Pichola timings are similar in nature. Lake Pichola can be visited every day of the week and the timings generally range between 9 am to 6 pm. The best of artificial manmade lake in the heart if Rajasthan lake Pichola offers boat rides to its visitors. The extended lake is the crowning glory of the city of lakes. And the city of lakes cannot be imagined without a boat ride. The rides here are amazingly classified into various classes. These rides have their timings for the best experiences. The famous poet Rudyard Kipling has commented on Lake Pichola ‘see it and die’. The best time to visit the city of Udaipur is during the months of September and March. The weather is very pleasant at this point and one can enjoy every bit of their stay during this period. The aim to visit Lake Pichola is basically to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the lake and the city by its side. But summers in Rajasthan are unbearable and stepping out in the sun will be a tedious task. Lake Pichola timings are suggested to be best between September & March. A number of festivals and celebrations take place in the Indian sub-continent. Rajasthan is a land of celebrations and festivals. Speaking of Udaipur, the most significant ones are Shilpgram Crafts Mela, which attracts thousands of tourists fromall over the world.

Lake Pichola Timings
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Since the lake is ideal for the sunset view the boat rides are planned accordingly before the sun set timings. Lake pichola timings have to be adjusted according to the sun set timings for the most beautiful and contenting experience to the visitors. Lake pichola timings are significant to be noted down before planning a visit to the city of lakes. This will add to your quality experience in the city and also make you aware of the daily timings of various activities going on in the city.