Pichola Lake Udaipur – Beauty of India
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Pichola Lake Udaipur – Beauty of India

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The beautiful artificial fresh water lake that is Pichola Lake Udaipur is one of the many great man-made beauties of the city. The Pichola Lake udaipur is named after the village of Picholi nearby, and was created in AD 1362. Pretty as Pichola  Lake is, it is also home to four islands which consist of palaces and monuments constructed by the Mewar dynasty in Udaipur. The picturesque lake has the backdrop of the Aravalli Hills, which make it so much more beautiful spot. Here’s a quick look at some of the most interesting things about Pichola Lake Udaipur.

Facts about Pichola Lake udaipur :-

  • Pichola Lake Udaipur was created by a tribesman Picchu Banjara, and it is the oldest lake of Udaipur during the period of Maharana Lakha’s rule.
  • The lake has a width of 2 miles, length of 3 miles, and a depth of 30 feet.
  • Maharana Udai Singh enlarged the lake by having constructed a dam at the Badipol shore, and he also developed the city of Udaipur on the banks of the lake due to its sheer beauty.
  • Lake Pichola Udaipur is best known for the splendid architecture done by the Maharanas of Mewar on the several islands, and  the many ghats situated at the shores.
  • A tightrope walker Natini was challenged by Maharana Jawan Singh, who offered her half the kingdom of Mewar to tightrope across Lake Pichola. The legend states that Natini was tricked and the rope was cut off mid-way, which led to her death, but not before she is said to have cursed Maharana Jawan Singh’s family of not having any direct descendants. The curse is believed to have come true since six of the Maharana’s sons were adopted.
  • Lake Pichola Udaipur has also spent ample amount of time being dry during elongated periods of low rainfall.


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