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5 Reasons to visit Lake Pichola

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In this busy life, everyone has their mode of escapism from this hectic routine. Generally, people are asked are you a beach person or a mountain person but there is a third category too which is very much undermined. Ever thought of just sitting by a beautiful lake? Have you ever felt the serenity and the calmness that the Lake gives? If you love visiting lakes or for that, you just want to experience the way it feels then nothing can be better than Lake Pichola of Udaipur Rajasthan. Udaipur has numerous lakes and Pichola is the best one. So what is so special about this lake and what makes it stand out from the rest of others. Here are the five reasons for visiting Lake Pichola.

1. It is an artificial Lake!

This lake is very old and said to be created in 1362 A.D. It is named after Pichola village which is situated near this lake. There was a shortage of water during that time and it was created using dams so as to meet the irrigation and drinking water requirement of villagers and the neighborhood places.

2. The beautiful islands inside it.

Small inside in lakes are very common but what if these are more than one. Isn’t it amazing? Lake Pichola has four islands inside it; Jag Niwas, Jag Mandir, Mohan Mandir, and Arsi Vilas.

3.The Curse!

Maharana Jawan Singh once in inebriated state promised a natani half of the kingdom if she crossed the lake. But she was deceived as the rope was cut before she could reach the other end. She drowned and died. There is a very popular belief that she cursed the king that he would never get an heir to his throne from his family. And this is very evident as all the successors thereafter were adopted sons. There is a natani chabutra that was built to commemorate Natani’s death.

4. What Rudyard Kipling had to say about it

In his Letters of Marque (1899), “If the Venetian owned the Pichola Lake, he might say with justice, `see it and die’“. As such is the beauty of the lake that enticed even this famous author. It is undeniably one of the best lakes of India and visited by many tourists from all over the world.

5.Boat Ride

Went to Lake Pichola Udaipur and missed the boat ride? It is a great loss. Remember to have a trip to Pichola Lake for boating. You will love the serene water and the picturesque scene surrounding it. It is advisable to visit this lake during sunset as this time the lake looks even more beautiful.